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Paulette is unique in that all products sold express the founder’s acute eye and deep passion for craftsmanship as well as her ability to create harmonious and well designed atmospheres.


Paulette offers aesthetics that are both minimalist and modern, smart as well as traditional, all blending into a bright, breezy, original environment.

Basing its name on authenticity and the highest quality of materials, Paulette brings distinctive furnishings and finds such as the hand-crafted ceramics from Franca, the bold, bright, beautiful objects from Carthage, the glamorous, cool candles of Urban Wax Refinery and the never before seen home accents from La Maison Izak by the stylish illustrator Izak Zenou.


In addition, Paulette introduces "Second Life" Collection, a series of unique, modern creations taken from antique pieces that are sure to please anyone looking for something exceptional.

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Paulette621 - Adjust 5.jpg
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Paulette Cold Spring - Decor 4.jpg
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