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Paulette was a remarkable French hat designer known for her knowledge of arts matched to a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and refined materials. She had an incredible eye for spotting little treasures in unexpected places.


Her sense of style was classic but modern, effortless and, at the same time, fashion forward. Everyone who knew Paulette admired her ability to create harmonious and well designed atmospheres. Her talent and energy inspired those around her.


Today Paulette’s spirit and passion live in her daughter, Jacqueline Azria. Jacqueline inherited her mother’s eye for beauty, arts and design. She has learned how to see the potential in everything around her, from old undesirable antiques to small undiscovered brands, traits which have distinguished her as a creative director. 

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Jacqueline Azria, a well-respected and established fashion creative director known for her acute, innovative, cool and effortless sense of style, is eager to bring a bit of herself to Cold Spring.


After more than 20 years collaborating with notable emerging brands, dressing celebrities and contributing to the visual voice of some of the most distributed fashion magazines, Jacqueline has a passion for fashion, art and design. She knows what pieces look good on different bodies, mixing and matching styles to create eternally cool looks and atmospheres. 

Today, Jacqueline is enthusiastic to share her know-how, vision and craft, inspiring women to express the beauty of their individuality through “Paulette”.


Paulette in Cold Spring offers aesthetics that are both timeless and modern, all blending into a bright, breezy, original atmosphere, breaking all the rules of a common coffee shop. All products reflect on the founder’s acute eye and her fun, avant-garde, light-hearted spirit.


Paulette will bring you stories, magical emotions, happiness as well as an unexpected point of view. We hope to be changing the mood of your day, your closet and your home adding a cool and one of a kind vision, all in a warm, fresh and happy atmosphere. 

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