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Paulette is committed to offering a one of a kind, welcoming, relaxing environment for people to discover and enjoy, breaking all the rules of a common coffee shop.


Born from Jacqueline's love and passion for organic, artisanal food, Paulette's product selection includes the best secrets in the world of coffees and culinary delights par excellence.

Start your mornings with the aroma of the outstanding coffees from Irving Farm New York, savoring the taste of the fabulous pastries from BreadAlone Bakery (Rhinebeck, NY), the finger-licking delicious Salinger's Orchard's doughnuts (Brewster, NY), and the European, organic, hand made creations from Il Pastaficio (Greenwich, CT). Come to Paulette, enjoy conversation over coffee and we will make sure you step into a warm, happy, magical experience and leave with a smile.

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